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Find your place in the dance of the cosmos, learn to work with the tides & the unique magic you carry. Discover the peace & beauty of this spiritual tradition, as you learn to move with the wheels of heaven. Love, spiritual purpose, destiny & calling - seeing the events of life as tides of different experiences, Astrology provides a meaningful framework for the vast experience of Being.


Mythic Cycles & Finding Meaning

I am an astrologer, card reader, writer and story teller. I work with the myth cycles of star and our traditions to help connect you with your path, heal stuck patterns and bring illumination to your beautiful potential. You can connect with me to untangle your present and identify the path ahead through tarot or astrology consultations in-person or over Skype. I also provide written reports & teach astrology, myth & magic & tarot workshops throughout the year. You can purchase a report or book a session here or subscribe to my horoscopes on

Walk with me as I write through the cycles of moon and planets. As the Moon grows and wanes so do different themes in our lives. Working with these narratives helps us fix our experiences and growing awareness to greater stories - stories that have been with us since earliest humanity.

There is no real order in the Universe, but following these story cycles helps us keep working with the mess and joy of life, remember the stories and tales that give moral guidance or hints at how to cope with life and her inevitabilities. Following the thread wherever it leads, making meaning from our experiences - and living better, more completely because we dance with the stories spun thus far, astrology used wisely, gives all of these.

I use the sidereal zodiac used most by Vedic Astrologers and I incorporate elements of Vedic astrology but I am not formally, a 'Vedic' astrologer. I have been writing and working with other seekers for over 16 years in both tarot and astrology traditions.

I also share the stories of the tarot cards through my work, and examples of creative healing you can do utilising these systems of symbols - not to predict or prove anything - but rather to reflect, muse, invite the vision making, dreaming, creative self to speak through the noise of anxiety, doubt and dried out frustrations of mundane life. Working with both dimensions, the critical and the visionary, we draw what we need to love and live fiercely, courageously and nourish those who depend on us.

Make space for your Wild, dreaming self, by allowing yourself to dream, to muse.
You can begin by getting to know the basic astrological symbolism, grabbing a book of myth and legends and reading the mischief and exploits of the gods.

Looking forward to walking and dancing with you through the rhythms of life and time, and sharing stories together.

Love Asha