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Venus is key to understanding your needs in love, romance & relationships of all kinds (family, romantic & friends.) This report reveals the true meaning of your Venus by sign placement and where she falls in the chart. Included in this report is one question on your current love & relationship challenge; a fixed pattern you're struggling with or advice for approaching sweetness & romance. 

  • Discover your true Love Nature
  • What you need to receive in relationships to feel connected?
  • What power does your love gift to others?
  • Find the place in your life where you can nourish your love nature & creativity
  • Learn to use your Love Magic for sweeter connection & a radiant, fulfilled heart
  • Understand key principles of your love boundaries so your love style can flourish

Report details:

  • 2 page report exploring your Venus sign and guidance for loving well and amplifying your love nature.
  • Report includes one question on love & relationships: e.g. "I keep encountering this problem in my relationships - how can I improve that situation so I can move on from this issue in love"
  • Please provide your birthdate time and place when you book.
  • Questions like 'when will I fall in love/start a new relationship' is outside the scope of this report. You will need to book a consultation to explore that properly.) 

Love Magic: Venus Report